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How To Bead Formal Dresses - Info

If you are unable to do the beading of a formal dress for a particular occasion then we can help you complete the task with perfection and elegance. When any ordinary dress is embellished with beads, it can change its overall appearance and make it look like a luxurious outfit that can help in turn more heads towards you. With some simple tips, you can easily bead the formal dress you have bought and acquire the admiration and envy of all others gathered for the event. You can ad simple and luxurious styles to the formal dress with beautiful beading. You can either decorate your dress with beads merely on the neckline or waist, or can do it all over the dress. You can choose any type of beads or quantity of beads for your dress. Irrespective of the type of beads you have chosen, it is always simple to provide your dress with beading. That means, the method of beading always remains the same regardless the beads you choose for the task.

Along with beads, beading needle and thread, you will require things like a measuring tape, colored pencils, fabric, sketch pad, fabric marker etc. Start the work by sketching out a simple design for beading on the fabric or the complete dress. You can make use of a measuring tape for drawing the portions with scale on the fabric. If you are using colored beads on the dress, it is recommended to draw the portions with colored pencils. Cutting out the patterns and then pinning them on the dress with help in indicating the place to position the beads. A fabric marker will help you to copy the designs on the dress. Remember to keep the lines fine so that the beads can cover the lines perfectly.
After tying a knot at one end of the thread, begin beading only after taking a small stitch for securing them tightly on the fabric. It would be better to take 4 to 5 beads at a time on the needle and stitch them on the fabric. In order to acquire the design you have wished, you should repeat the process on your dress. When using single beads, secure those tightly using back stitches. 

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How to Select Jewelry Beads For Making Your Own Bracelets And Necklaces

When looking for jewelry beads to make your own bracelets, necklaces and other jewelry, napkin rings, you have a myriad of choices. You don't want to end up with beads that worthless to you or the people that you are going to give them to or sell them to.

Choosing the right beads requires a lot of forethought. What kind of jewelry do you want to make? Do you want to make jewelry that is ultra modern? If so then you will probably want to go with beads made of different colored glass and plastic as well as some that are shiny in silver or gold colors. If you want to make higher quality jewelry stay away from the cheap plastic beads and go instead with glass or Lucite, they are much more durable and they retain their shine unlike the plastic ones which will become dull quickly.

If you are going for a more ethnic look then you will probably want to choose more earth tones and natural colors like blacks, browns, and tans. You can also mix in painted wood beads in basic colors like red, yellow and green to bring more attention to the piece. These also go well for making recreations of Native American jewelry, African American Jewelry, and beach jewelry in combination with shells and sharks teeth.

If you are buying your beads online make sure that they have a liberal return policy in the case of damaged beads. You don't want to have to pay for beads that are broken and unusable. Even if the offer to discount them that won't do, you never want to use inferior quality beads for any reason.

Most jewelry beads are sold in bulk lots so if you are doing this as a hobby you may want to get a friend to go in on them with you. It would take you a long time to use up the beads in the typical wholesale lot. Since you will probably be buying these through the internet or via mail, you probably won't have the opportunity to pre-inspect the beads, so again be sure to ask about the exchange policy. Will you be able to exchange the beads that are less than perfect no matter what the reason? Depending on how the beads are packaged and sold, and the policy of the business selling the jewelry wholesale beads, this may not be possible. If they refuse to offer an exchange policy that is acceptable to you look for another vendor.

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Easy Beginnings - Make Your First Beaded Bracelet

So you want to make a beaded bracelet, do you? Well, you've come to the right place! As a general rule of thumb, you have to remember that most beaded wrist bracelets are 7-9 inches in length. However, they can be made any length you desire.

Also, if you would like to take a modern twist on your beaded bracelet and make it an anklet instead, add 2-4 inches to whatever length you want. Now that you've got that down, I'm going to tell you how to make the perfect bracelet.

All you have to do is follow the following instructions.

Step One: Cut your wire. There's no right or wrong brand you can use as far as wire goes, just make sure that it's suitable for jewelry making. Once you cut your wire, you should make sure that there is enough length for the bracelet, plus an additional 3 or 4 inches. The reason why I say that you should have an additional couple of inches is just to be on the safe side. You don't want to get all the way to the end of your bracelet and find that you don't have enough room, do you?

Step Two: Pick a general size for your bead bracelet. Whether you want to make it all one size, or have the beads vary in size is completely up to you. I suggest that if you choose to incorporate bigger beads into your bracelet that you use small spacer beads to go in between. That way, your bracelet isn't too gaudy.

Step Three: Pick out a couple findings. You're definitely going to need a clasp, as well as two crimp beads for your beading bracelet. The reason why you're going to need the crimp beads is so that they can secure each end of your wire on your clasp.

Step Four: Prep your beads AHEAD of time. If you have a beading board, that's great. If not, that's fine as well. You can lay the beads you would like to use for the bracelet on a towel or flat surface. It's important that you should lay out your beads in the exact design or style that you want to be reflected on the bracelet. This will save you time and energy later on.

Step Five: It's crimping time! Place one of your crimp beads on the wire, and then add a second at the end of your clasp. You should allow yourself about a half inch of wire before threading through the crimp bead. Using a crimping tool, crimp the bead you attached to the beginning of the clasp. You're almost there!

Step Six: Start threading your beads! Once you have the length you want, wrap it around your wrist to double check that it's long enough. It's better to be safe than sorry, right?

Step Seven: After figuring out the proper length, put another crimp bead on the beginning and ends of your clasp. Thread the wire through, and crimp!

Step Eight: Pull the clasp, making sure the crimp bead is secure. Cut off any extra wire that may be left over.

If you've gotten this far, then guess what? You just created your first beaded bracelet! With more practice, you can create even more fun beaded jewelry.
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Handmade Beaded Jewelry

Beads are the in-thing now, both stylish and cheap. You can have loads of them; in fact have two or three for every outfit. So you can buy color-lined, iris finish, matte, metallic and silver lined beads so that you can make your jewelry yourself and it does not take much time so that would be quite a convenient option. The above methods are for making a proper necklace or a bracelet, in case you do not want to buy the accessories to make these things there is nothing to feel disappointed about! You can still make a beaded jewelry, you can knot the beads hence make an eye-catching piece of jewelry only with the thread that you would get in your house and beads!

Spring is right around the corner and theres no better time to plan for the upcoming bead jewelry trends than right now, before the 2008 spring and summer seasons really begin! Predicting future fashion and jewelry trends is always a little bit of a game, but Ive been reading a lot of fashion magazines, listening to my customers that visit my bead jewelry display table and generally talking to people about what they are looking for. There are some definite trends for 2008 and here are some:

Big, bold and beautiful: It sounds like the days of dainty shiny pieces of metal jewelry are gone for the moment and the big and colorful gemstone jewelry and beads are still pretty hot right now. People are still asking for more chunky jewelry, sometimes with larger stones and crystals that catch the eye, sometimes with asymmetrical patterns or at least oddly cut beads and gemstones.

Colorful and Nature: Im also seeing some emphasis on nature influences which sometimes shows itself in the materials such as wood or stone beads use in jewelry, but Ive also seen a lot more flower and leaf shaped beads and pendants on the scene. Any sort of botanical or organic looking jewelry pieces or beads are still popular from what Ive seen. I dont make much, but Ive actually had people ask me if I have anything that has natural warmth.

Charms and Pendants: Again, going with the bold and bright bead jewelry, what stands out more than a beautiful chain that meets with a large bold diamond or gemstone charm or pendant on the end?

Cocktail Rings: If youre buying, wearing or making rings, consider rings with bling! Cocktail rings are generally over-the-top diamond or gemstone rings that are overly colorful, shiny and, yes, sometimes a bit gaudy. But thats part of the fun! These go along with the bright and bold bead jewelry you might be wearing and could even match or compliment it with similar gemstones or beads. You can make cocktail rings with gemsone beads, crystals or just about any other shiny materials.

Colorful, Colorful, Colorful: Did I mention colorful?! Youll want to think about bright and bold, but remember that natural element! Neons and wild synthetic colors are not popular, but bright natural colors definitely are in, both in clothing and jewelry fashion. Once again, I have to turn to the color experts at Pantone who have picked out the trendy colors for 2008. Dont forget to look at the 28 page Adobe Acrobat guide there! Its fun and inspirational! Im thinking about printing a few of the pages out and hanging them around my beading area for inspiration when Im creating my jewelry.

Faux Foreign Influence: Im still seeing a lot of Asian and Moroccan influences in fashion, home furnishings and even jewelry. The influences dont have to be completely genuine or realisitc but that sense of something coming from a foreign country and past time are still popular. Even the big chain stores are catching this vibe and a lot of their housewares and jewelry give off that Pier One vaguely Indian or Eastern Orient vibe. When youre creating bead jewelry necklaces or bracelets you could think about using dark wooden beads (natural) and mixing it with large metal Oriental looking coins and rings with a hole through the center to bring in the foreign feel!

Modern Metals: Yes, natural and chunky are in, but there is still room for metals in beaded jewelry, especially when it is sleek and modern looking or even mixed with natural materials like wood and stone beads. There are always people who like the more modern beads and jewelry as opposed to the more traditional bead jewelry designs. You can buy modern beads for jewelry making or you can go for a more unique look and actually make bead jewelry out of hardware washers!

Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry: Any outfit can be altered to have different looks when combined with the right costume jewelry. Costume jewelry plays an important part in enhancing the looks of a person. It could be bling for a casual evening out or a pair of simple teardrop earrings for a formal dinner. Too much bling can have disastrous effects. One needs to have to perfect balance of jewelry items for the right look.

Costume jewelry, which is handmade, has its own charm. Wearing your own designs or gifting them to someone special also adds to the personal touch. Today, one can see branded stores that cater to beaded and handmade jewelry. Handcrafted jewelry has been gaining much importance due to the exquisite designs and the novelty it offers. We can see handcrafted necklaces, earrings, bracelets and anklets available on the market. They can even include semi precious jewels and swarovski crystals. If you browse online, you can even find a websites, which accept orders for custom made handcrafted jewelry. Handmade jewelry may not really be complex as it sounds or looks. You can create beaded jewelry within the confines of your own home.
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Craft At Home : Making Earrings With Beads, Ear Wire And Eye Pins

It is quite easy to make earrings to coordinate with other jewellery pieces by using similar colours and beads. The hoop earring is the easiest; all you have to do is tread on the beads and attach the hoop to the ear wire. The dangling earring means making loops, but is also easy with a little practice.

You will need"


Earring hoop

Ear wire

Step-by-step for hoop earrings
  1. Gently pull the wire at the top of the hoop until it clears the metal clasp and thread on thebeads.
  2. Carefully replace the wire into the metal clasp at the top of the hoop.
  3. Open the loop of the ear wire and thread on the hoop. Close the loop of the ear wire.

Dangling Earrings

You will need"


Eye pins

Head pins

Ear wire

Step-by-step for dangling earrings

1-Decide on the pattern of beads to be used.

2-Thread the beads onto an eye pin or a head pin (an eye pin if you are going to attach another bead to it, a head pin if that is the last bead to dangle) and form a loop.

To make a loop

Thread bead onto eye pin or head pin
  1. Using the flat nose pliers, bend the open end of the eye pin at right angles, as close to the bead as possible

Using the wire cutter, cut the bent end of the eyepin leaving approximately 6-7mm of wire. The length needed to form the loop depends on amount of wire needed to create a loop to match the loop already in place, at the other end Using the round nose pliers, grab the very end of the bent end of the eyepin, about 5mm from the tip of the pliers. The exact position on the pliers depends on the size of loop required to match the loop already in place at the other end Holding the tip of the wire, roll the pliers along the wire, forming a loop which is centred over the hole in the bead
  1. Attach beads, in the chosen sequence, by opening the loop of one bead and attaching to the loop of the next bead.
  2. Finish by attaching the beads to the loop of the ear wire.

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Choosing Different Types Of Beads And Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry and Different Types of Beads

Beadwork is the most recent phenomenon in the world of fashionable jewels. The history of beadworks dated back to age of civilizations, and the first bead jewelry was discovered in the Indus Valley, in the form of a stone bead necklace. Also women of many tribes in India and Africa are wearing stone bead jewelries since ages. Stone bead jewelry can be found in nearly all parts of the world.

Beads differ in styles and materials. Stone, wood, plastics and Kashmiri beadwork are the major types of beads used. Beads can be easily crafted into fashionable products as bracelets, necklaces and armbands. Also the variety of colors provided is another ace up their sleeves. They can be easily purchased so as to match with a particular attire, and hence have became the right choice for teenagers who love to experiment with there looks.

A lot of people find beads not only attractive but irresistible. Bead Jewellery come in many different shapes, sizes, textures, colors and designs. Designers of accessories, jewelry, and interiors make use of the richness of their colors and the diversity of their shapes to create astounding pieces. Items made with beads are indeed captivating and useful. People use completed beading items such as bracelets and necklaces as accessories to enhance their appearance, while beading items like wall hangings, cushion covers, etc are used to decorate their homes.

The beauty of beadwork is its versatility. There is a wide range of beads you can choose from the market. An extensive range of beading supply is available. You can select the types, shapes, sizes, colors and textures of the beads to create the pattern you want. Besides, there is a wide spectrum of beading techniques that can be applied to beads wiring, threading, weaving, sticking and embroidering. You can choose to use the method you like. Beading techniques could be either thread less or threaded.

The beauty of beadwork is its versatility. There is a wide range of beads you can choose from the market. An extensive range of beading supply is available. You can select the types, shapes, sizes, colors and textures of the beads to create the pattern you want. Besides, there is a wide spectrum of beading techniques that can be applied to beads wiring, threading, weaving, sticking and embroidering. You can choose to use the method you like. Beading techniques could be either thread less or threaded.

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Learn Jewelry Making by Getting Started with Bead Stringing

As a jewelry making teacher, I often talk to ladies who want to learn how to make jewelry, but they aren't sure how to get started. I can understand this because it isn't always obvious from looking at jewelry to know what would be easy to make, and what would be difficult to make.

Like most things, if you jump in to soon and work on something you're not ready for, you will probably end up being frustrated, start to think you can't do it, and quit. My suggestion is always to crawl before you walk before you run. That way you can quickly build confidence in your abilities and you will enjoy seeing yourself improve as you start to take on more challenging jewelry making projects.

From my experience with new students the best way to learn to crawl when it comes to jewelry making is to learn bead techniques first. Doing so will get you comfortable with simple jewelry making techniques, materials, and tools before you move on to try something more difficult. And the nice thing is that you can still make a lot of very beautiful jewelry pieces even with simple bead weaving techniques.

For the most part, bead stringing simply involves running a thin wire or a nylon filament string (that's where the word "stringing" comes from) through the holes in an assortment of beads to beautiful necklaces, bracelets, or anklets. With all the colors and types of beads available these days the number of different jewelry pieces you can make is virtually limitless.

To complete your jewelry stringing pieces you just need to learn a few simple finishing techiques like how to add a jump ring and a clasp so that you can wear the jewelry piece. You can master those finishing techniques in a short period of time. Once you've done that you will be equipped to create some very nice handcrafted jewelry pieces in no time at all.

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